Moroccan rugs , Berber carpets - Australia , Canada , Us ...

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Moroccan rugs , Berber carpets - Australia , Canada , Us ...

History of moroccan carpets : 

I have heard of handmade Vintage Moroccan RugDid you know that these rugs come from the North African tribes that began to be manufactured in the seventh century and are still continuing to this day. Sure, there are fake Berber rugs, which have become a style for rugs, but these don't look like real handmade rugs.

It all started in the seventh century ...
The numerous tribes called Berbers lived in the Middle and High Atlas for many years before the Arab invasions of the seventh century. Some of them still live there today. The carpets they make are used for many uses:, clothes (heads), funeral blankets, mattresses ...berber rugs have many different colors, texture and patterns depending on the tribe / family they make.


How are these rugs created?

Wool Berber Rug carpet comes from sheep. They are then woven manually with different thicknesses. Next, the fibers are dyed with dozens of traditional colors using dyes (from fruits, minerals, leaves, herbs and local spices).

Each tribe had its own dyes, fabric, rings, knots and unique patterns that made each rug unique but above all recognizable by beginners (collectors and craft enthusiasts around the world).
berber carpets are found in royal castles and middle-class homes throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. These beautiful moroccan rug, known for their beauty and uniqueness, were known to be displayed instead of throwing them on the floor in many cases. They are found in museums, in collectors' homes or in families that have managed to preserve the literal heritage that these rugs represent.

There are still families in Morocco today working on these rugs using the same traditional and handcraft techniques.


Buy a Moroccan rug from Australia, America ,or anywhere

If you want to buy a real Berber rug, be sure to check its source so that you don't often buy a lower quality synthetic rug.

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