The origin of a Moroccan Berber Rug

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The origin of a Moroccan Berber Rug

Within a few years, the old Berber rug became very modern in decor. For all styles, it instantly gives a touch of personality to the room that is designed for a chic ethnic chic version. If it returns to fashion, it nevertheless comes from the tradition of ancestors dating back to a very ancient time in Morocco.

beni ourain rug

The story begins in Morocco

When you write a Berber rug on Wikipedia, you get results from its origin from West Asia, Africa, and even Europe. However, according to recent scientific discoveries, this is not the case! Because in Morocco he will see the light for the first time. Besides, the link between humans and sheep is well known on the side of the Atlas series. To find its origin, we have to go back 10,000 years back. Initially, shepherds prepared sheep wool to fight the cold, because it had unusual virtues. Particularly insulated, this is what will replace traditional leather clothing with wool. Since shepherds have large herds and sheep produce abundant wool, it quickly becomes a daily practice that will then become part of traditional art. Only then will the Berber rug arrive.

Berber Rug : The Art of Traditional Weaving

When it comes to evoking traditional Berber art, there are many illustrations on the part of Morocco. Besides, this mystical work undoubtedly dates back several thousand years. Initially, the rivers were washed with plants to dye them. Among them we find beni ourain rug , famous for its geometric forms. Besides, they remind us of the decorative patterns on the cave paintings. Suddenly, this means saying that the ancient Moroccan rug industry dates back to the Neolithic period! As for the main use, you should know that originally, these carpets were made by weavers to cover the ground in the berber tents in Morocco. In the evening, with temperatures that can drop very low, it is possible to have a good rest under the feet and keep all the heat in the habitat.


hand knotted moroccan rug

From the Neolithic period to the twenty-first century !

With a highly skilled Sufi work, the Berbers were able to benefit from the art of weaving. This is what made them famous all over the world. Today, Berber women from the Beni ourain tribes use the same methods. With 100% wool rugs, natural fibers are preserved and above all, with an unmatched thickness that can reach 3 cm. They are exceptional products in that they are all custom designed, which makes them unique. Exclusively made in Morocco, they are authentic masterpieces of true knowledge inherited for thousands of years that you decide to offer or introduce yourself to decorate your living room.