Vintage Bohemian Moroccan Rugs Special - Boho rugs

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Vintage Bohemian Moroccan Rugs Special - Boho rugs

Moroccan rugs hold high regard in the market of rugs. Loved by many, Moroccan rugs are high in demand. Lovers of soft, thick, and furry shags have awe for Moroccan rugs. The Bohemian Moroccan rugs are also in the race. Having the touch of vintage and bold prints, there has been an increase in the awe for it.

boho  berber carpet

What makes vintage bohemian Moroccan rugs special ?

However, you must be thinking about what is so special about vintage bohemian Moroccan rugs that they are in high demand. Let us acknowledge you with the attributes that make the Vintage Bohemian Moroccan rugs stand out.

  • Handwoven and delicate : 

Handcrafted rugs have a special place in my heart and I am sure they might mesmerize you too. The effort one puts in weaving a rug through explains one’s skill, hard work, and devotion without one saying it. Vintage bohemian Moroccan rugs are handmade and handwoven.

Yes, you heard it right. They are in the hands of professional weavers who tactfully and promptly with keen observance make their every delicate thread move. This makes the bohemian Moroccan rugs special. Laboriously weaving the Bohemian Moroccan Rugs techniques differ by the tribes that weave them. The delicate handling of the rugs makes them expensive and outclass highlighting the rug weaving culture of Morocco.

  • Bold and vibrant : 

Wool, threads, nylon, cotton strips, and all the synthetic fiber combine to form a product of sophisticated and delicate rugs to enhance home and office decors. These rugs can go with any kind of furniture you have installed in your home. The bold and vibrant patterns of the Vintage Bohemian Moroccan rugs are love at first sight. Deep shags of Moroccan rugs installed in your homes are the reason your feet love you, but Vintage Bohemian Moroccan rugs are the main reason for your eyes’ love with you.

  • Unique

Each of the Bohemian rugs depicts the Moroccan culture yet they all are unique in their color and design. Each design has its charm and aura. From using the raw material of natural wool of sheep found in the Moroccan mountain to the final product a great skill is required to make sure each rug is distinctive from others.


boho moroccan rug


  • Illustrates your personality :

We are aware boho is a sign of random layers of colors and patterns. Boho prints bring exoticness to one’s home or office. Portraying your unique and unconventional personality, the color-popping thick oriental Bohemian rugs outshine your personality as well.

  • Vintages – Timeless :

Trends are always changing. New designs are introduced and are loved by all in no time. Just like that décor trends and styles are also evolved as the calendar changes the month. However, there is a constant i.e., Vintage. Vintage designs are timeless and evergreen. They are never out of style and when you talk about the Vintage Bohemian Moroccan rugs; they are gaining popularity because of chic, classy and bold patterns and colors. 

vintage moroccan rug

Final thoughts : 

The Vintage Bohemian Moroccan Rugs are perfect to style your interior with. Grab your favorite Vintage Bohemian Moroccan Rug and let your living room be the chic in town!  If you need quality Bohemian Moroccan Rugs you can get from us.