Vintage moroccan boujaad rug

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Vintage moroccan boujaad rug

When looking for a Moroccan rug, you have a few options. Although you may not find them on your first visit, you can find an excellent one in the Middle Atlas region. The process of purchasing a Moroccan rug is a complicated one, but it is still possible for first time visitors. The easiest way to buy a Moroccan rug is in the Souk des tapis (the carpet market) in Marrakech.

Colorful beni ourain rug

Beni Ourain rugs come from the Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains. The wool used in the weaving process is top-quality and is traceable to the tribe. Berber rugs are colored with natural dyes, such as henna, cochineal, and indigo. The Berber women often incorporate symbols and images from their daily lives into the design. These beautiful rugs are made from wool harvested from the Atlas Mountains and are soft and luxurious to touch.

Whether you want to update your living room or bedroom with a colorful accent rug, a Moroccan rug can give you the look you want. This rug's dynamic colors and unique pattern make it an excellent choice for modern and contemporary homes. The beautiful rugs are also ideal for dining rooms and living rooms. There are many different colors available for Moroccan rugs, and you'll be able to find one that matches your room's color scheme and theme.

Large moroccan rug

Many of the motifs on Moroccan rugs are dedicated to birth and fertility. The order of the motifs in a particular rug will indicate the course of an event, such as birth. For example, a rug may reflect phases of womanhood, such as childhood, virginity, and a bride's state of pregnancy. As you browse through the Moroccan rugs, you may want to consider having your furniture redone. This will ensure that your new rug is as beautiful as your new Moroccan rug.

Berber rugs are among the most popular types of Moroccan rugs. These rugs are made by women in the high Atlas Mountains and are distinguished by their colorful and asymmetric designs. The Berber rugs used in homes reflect the daily life of these women, and the various themes they deal with. The motifs and colors used in these rugs are often centered around maternity and marriage. You can find Moroccan rugs that have these themes and more in the marketplace.

Beni Mguild rugs, for instance, are woven in the Western Middle Atlas Mountains. They are thicker and piled higher than other types. The luscious pile of these rugs gives them an ethereal feel. Beni Mguild rugs are also more colorful than other varieties, as the weaving process makes the fibers appear brighter in the summer months. However, you should still check the rug for moths before you buy it. If you are concerned about moths, you should choose a Moroccan rug that is not heavily shed.

The most authentic Moroccan rugs come from the town of Boujaad. Boujaad was a holy place in the past and still produces some of the most beautiful rugs in the world. Boujaad rugs often have bold colors and use double-heightened knots to create a slack profile. Traditionally, they used symbols to record family histories. These rugs are available in vibrant reds, pinks, and purples.

Vintage Boujaad rug
A traditional Moroccan rug may look simple and elegant, but if you'd like a more colorful and cosmopolitan look, a Zanafi might be for you. A Zanafi rug, on the other hand, has a raised element. This element is often loose and loop-like, resembling embroidery. This pattern is often seen in Zanafi rugs, and it appears to be made from wool that is undyed.

While Moroccan rugs have a southwestern feel, they are also known for their tribal motifs. The Beni Ourain people are an ethnic group that comprises 17 Berber tribes in the Atlas Mountains. Their rugs have unique designs, ranging from ordered geometric shapes to expressive, free-form patterns. Because these rugs are typically handmade by women, they can be passed down through generations. They are also an excellent choice for the modern home.

A Moroccan rug can be a beautiful piece of art. The Beni Ourain tribe of Morocco made thick Moroccan rugs for colder locations. They used sheep wool to make these thick rugs to protect themselves from the cold climate of the Atlas Mountains. On the other hand, they also made lighter Moroccan rugs for the Sahara Desert. You'll also find that you can easily clean Moroccan rugs with a simple solution. Soaking them in water and using a mild detergent soap will leave them as new as the day they were made.